Maria Laskar is a Director, Artistic Director, Playwright, Songwriter, Writer, Producer, and Photographer from Montréal, Québec, Canada.


les Livres/Books :


Professor Blue Top Secret Lab Journal
– Maria Laskar
Professeure Bleue Top Secret Journal de Bord – Maria Laskar

Mérits / Grants / Jury :

  • 2021 CALQ (Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec) – Membre du Jury Pluridisciplinaire
  • 2009 CALQ
  • 2008 CALQ
  • 2008 – Director’s Grant – MIT Arts Council – Cambridge Science Festival
  • 2006 – MIT Arts Council – Susan Cohen, Director, MIT Boston, MA USA
  • 2006 – Earth System Initiative – MIT – Matthew Gardner, Executive Director, MIT Boston, MA USA
  • 2000 – 1999 (2 ans) Ville de Montréal, Sylvana Villata – Program Interculturalism
  • 1999 – Ministere de la Culture et des Communications du Gouvernement du Québec
  • 1999 – Order of Dentistry Montréal Québec – Dr. Diane Allard
  • 1975 – Ontario Arts Council – Canadore College Northbay

Member of Jury / Panel Presenter of Conference :

2000 – 1999 Ville de Montréal, Sylvana Villata – 2 ans

1999 – Panel Presenter – Conference on Multi-Culturalism in the Arts – for City of Montréal – Sylvana Villata (French and English)

Films and Shorts Experience  :

2000 – Present

Creator, Writer, Director, Editor

  • Professor Blue video podcast series – Do you know where your water comes from? Funded by MIT, MIT Arts Council, Earth Systems Initiative, Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Film showcase and live performances of Professor Blue written and directed by Maria Laskar for the Cambridge Science Foundation and Boston Museum of Science. Funded by World Computer Exchange, Ambit Press, Dell Computers, Gov Connection, VWR, The Home Depot, Quebec
  • Translation of two Feature films, Co-production France – Ontario – Agent- Lawrence Steinberg and Associates, Toronto (Film in progress).*Rewrite songs / shorts / documentaries – French – English
  • Wrote scenario of feature film, and dialogue rewrites for « Hotel California » – Giuseppe Romanciera Productions.  (Film in Progress).
  • Wrote scenario and dialogue for the sequel « Mortadella » (in progress).


Wrote scenario, and did translations of various 30-second commercials,  educational preventive  for kids 5- 18 yrs. French to English for Animations Ciné-Clic, Cinè-Groupe, Villain Garnement, Montréal, Québec.  Won award for 30-second commercial  on the environment  and too much violence on television in Japan, 1994.


*Wrote and Videographed- interviews , short films and documentary  for First World Summit of Women in Power and Economics – Vidéastre Film, Montréal, Québec (over 200 filmed interviews).

* Wrote script English to French, short documentary, « Shades My Mother Gave Me » (TV pilot) for Ensemble Studios, Montréal, Québec.

*Wrote. directed and filmed demo- video for Production Flamenco Montréal, Québec

Songwriting Experience :

*Songwriter, Editor and translator for LastCall [email protected]. Clients French and English performing artists (Member of SOCAN, SODRAC) France, Canada, USA.

Songs sold to: Louise Portal, Corbeau, Los Lobos, and others.

Playwriting Experience :

1999 – 2000 Plays : on vidéo and performed live Montréal / Toronto

Moonshine – English
Short film, ITV
Lorsque je te pointe la Lune, tu regarde le doigt – Français

Double Solitary – English, live
Sans Atouts – Français, live

Camera Crash – musical comedy – French / English (Canada Council Arts Grant) toured Québec & Ontario – Canadore College, Northbay

Daddy’s Girls – English, live
Les Filles à Daddie – Français, live

Book on Prevention- subsidized by Order of Dentistry Québec – Dr. Allard
Educational book and Record album for kids 5-15yrs
Songs :
La dent cariée – Français
Tooth Decay – English

Stage Director- Experiences – Live Shows and Touring :

1999 – 2001
Artistic Director – Production Flamenco Montréal

Voces del Corazons– live stageshow with the l’Orchestre Métropolitain (90 artistes on stage) funded by the city of Montreal Sylvana Villata, Conseils des Arts, and Iberia Airlines

Séries- Le Chemins des Gitans (4) live performances with live music and dance toured Québec, funded by the city of Montréal et Maisons de la Culture

Quebec Live Mega Show Célébrations for St. Jean Baptiste, parc deMaisonneuve..Montréal
Heureux Qui Comme Québec’ (150 artists on stage) Mise en Scene/Director

Théâtre – La Malbaie-Production
`Qui est Qui`-Stage manager for Jean Yves Laforce de Radio Canada

Théâtre Le Coventum
Surfil– drame/musicale, funambuliste Muriel Paquette des Enfants du Paradis, Live- Espace Libre- Director- co-writer

Grands Ballets Canadien- Assistante au Directeur Artistique –Brian MacDonald-toured Canada/Europe/South America.

Director – Playwright – ‘Camera Crash‘ – musical comedy
Grant Canadore Collège, Northbay Ontario & Ontario Council of the Arts for creation, writing, touring and Directing..

Freelance Experience :

Member of Jury –  Programme de Soutien à l `Interculturalisme de la Ville de Montréal

Presenter – Conference of Multi-culturism for the city of Montréal

Organizer/Promoter – International Tour for Le Carré Théâtre, Longueuil , Qc, Anouk Simard.  Organized  international tour and  Promotion (documents in French and English for the  diffusion of the  play -Mme Bavlatski,   Québec and  Europe.


Director – 350e Célébrations  Ville de Montréal. In charge of French/English submissions- main show and répertoires of artistes.

Photographer and journalist  for Daglabet Newspaper- Norway, Paris Match- France and New York Times…..magazine and photos published- covering First Gulf war -Iraq

Pyrate Communications Inc.-writing, consulting corporate and industrial films in Canada/USA/Europe – French/English.  Clients included Bell, Hydro, Johnson and Johnson Inc., etc.

Director of Admissions – Trebas Institute of the Arts, Montréal. Director of Admissions for artist management and sound recording and placement.

Conseillère Académie of Fashion and Design – toured colleges and high schools thru out province and Ontario.

Avant 1975
Modelling for Lois Segal filmmaker ONF/National film Board – Book-FACES and  documentary  film

Education  :

1990 diplômé Dawson Collège Institutes of Photograpy

1985 diplômé McGill Université Certificat  – Childhood Education in the Theatre Arts & Writing

1975 diplômé Nationale Theatre School of Canada – Technical Direction, Playwriting

1971 diplômé Dawson Collège CEGEP Arts/Théatre

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