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Question: What happens when a Theatre Director meets a couple of Scientists at MIT?

Answer: Professor Blue

image of Professor Blue at the Cambridge Science Festival

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Flamenco – The Tour
in Canada, USA, and Europe

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Public Service Announcement on Kids and Violence

en francais


Maria Laskar conceived, wrote, and directed these cartoon public service announcements.

The Japanese version won an award in Japan!


Maria went to Baghdad for the 1st Gulf War in 1990 as a photojournalist.

Her photos and articles were published by the New York Times, Norway’s Dagablat, and Paris Match.

Check out the photo gallery from Baghdad.

What else?

Read some press clips by Maria and about Maria.



Maria Laskar is a Director, Artistic Director, Playwright, Songwriter, Writer, Producer, and Photographer from Montréal, Québec, Canada.


les Livres/Books :


Professor Blue Top Secret Lab Journal
– Maria Laskar
Professeure Bleue Top Secret Journal de Bord – Maria Laskar

Mérits / Grants / Jury :

  • 2021 CALQ (Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec) – Membre du Jury Pluridisciplinaire
  • 2009 CALQ
  • 2008 CALQ
  • 2008 – Director’s Grant – MIT Arts Council – Cambridge Science Festival
  • 2006 – MIT Arts Council – Susan Cohen, Director, MIT Boston, MA USA
  • 2006 – Earth System Initiative – MIT – Matthew Gardner, Executive Director, MIT Boston, MA USA
  • 2000 – 1999 (2 ans) Ville de Montréal, Sylvana Villata – Program Interculturalism
  • 1999 – Ministere de la Culture et des Communications du Gouvernement du Québec
  • 1999 – Order of Dentistry Montréal Québec – Dr. Diane Allard
  • 1975 – Ontario Arts Council – Canadore College Northbay

Member of Jury / Panel Presenter of Conference :

2000 – 1999 Ville de Montréal, Sylvana Villata – 2 ans

1999 – Panel Presenter – Conference on Multi-Culturalism in the Arts – for City of Montréal – Sylvana Villata (French and English)

Films and Shorts Experience  :

2000 – Present

Creator, Writer, Director, Editor

  • Professor Blue video podcast series – Do you know where your water comes from? Funded by MIT, MIT Arts Council, Earth Systems Initiative, Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Film showcase and live performances of Professor Blue written and directed by Maria Laskar for the Cambridge Science Foundation and Boston Museum of Science. Funded by World Computer Exchange, Ambit Press, Dell Computers, Gov Connection, VWR, The Home Depot, Quebec
  • Translation of two Feature films, Co-production France – Ontario – Agent- Lawrence Steinberg and Associates, Toronto (Film in progress).*Rewrite songs / shorts / documentaries – French – English
  • Wrote scenario of feature film, and dialogue rewrites for « Hotel California » – Giuseppe Romanciera Productions.  (Film in Progress).
  • Wrote scenario and dialogue for the sequel « Mortadella » (in progress).


Wrote scenario, and did translations of various 30-second commercials,  educational preventive  for kids 5- 18 yrs. French to English for Animations Ciné-Clic, Cinè-Groupe, Villain Garnement, Montréal, Québec.  Won award for 30-second commercial  on the environment  and too much violence on television in Japan, 1994.


*Wrote and Videographed- interviews , short films and documentary  for First World Summit of Women in Power and Economics – Vidéastre Film, Montréal, Québec (over 200 filmed interviews).

* Wrote script English to French, short documentary, « Shades My Mother Gave Me » (TV pilot) for Ensemble Studios, Montréal, Québec.

*Wrote. directed and filmed demo- video for Production Flamenco Montréal, Québec

Songwriting Experience :

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Maria Laskar – Creator of Professor Blue, Director, Producer.

Sheila Anderson – Pretend Scientist, “Professor Blue.” Web Developer for our sister company – 2k2 Solutions. Writer.

Jennie Shipman Bonwich – Amazing Illustrator for the Professor Blue books.  Designer. Former graphic artist for the Saint Louis Cardinals.

Christelle Delhoye – Our Beloved Graphic Artist for the Professor Blue videos.

Michael Kryton – Creative Consultant Extraordinaire.

Denis Bélanger – Photographer for the Professor Blue Project.


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