Professor Blue / Professeure Bleue

A Novel character

Maria Laskar conceived of the idea of a character to explain science to children. That character’s name is Professor Blue.




She received funding and other support from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Arts Council, and Earth Systems Initiative.  She collaborated with MIT’s Professor Heidi Nepf to create 3 short videos on water in a series called “Do you know where your drinking water comes from?”

Check out the Professor Blue – Teaser

(this 35-second Teaser is hosted on MIT’s TechTv)

The videos were shown at the Cambridge Science Festival, receiving more than 32,000 views.

closeup image of professorblue


They were also shown at the Boston Museum of Science, for the Cambridge Science Festival which included a live performance called Big Bang with Professor Blue.



The videos are now available en francais and in English on the kid-friendly video site BatteryPop.

image of battery pop logo

le Livre / The Illustrated Kid’s Book

Maria Laskar wrote a book based on the Professor Blue videos with expanded information.  The results? An illustrated kids book called:

Professor Blue Top Secret Lab Journal  and

Professeure Bleue Top Secret Journal de Bord.

Available at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon.

Professor Blue’s website is here.

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